Amrit (Nectar or Water of Life)
AMRIT is the elixir of life, or whoever partakes of it gets everlasting life and escapes forever from the otherwise interminable round of births and deaths. The sages and seers wandered in quest of It, but nowhere in the wide world were they able to find It. Is It then a chimera or mirage ? The saints in reply have repeatedly said that Amrit is something real and solid. It is the Water of Immortality, which lies hidden and buried within the depths of the soul, encrusted with the dust of ages, and may be delved into even now and rediscovered, if one has the patience to do as he is bidden.

In the scriptures of the various religions we come across references to the sacred Water of Life. The Muslim divines describe It as Aab-Haiwan or Aab-i-Hayat and always suggested Its use to the world-weary pilgrims. It is also called Chasma-i-Kausar. The Hindu scriptures call It Mansarover or the Pool of Nectar (Amritsar), which if tasted would grant life everlasting. In the Vedas we read of It as Soma Ras, which granted Cosmic Awareness or Universal Consciousness to the Rishis and the Munis who partook of It in ages long ago. The saints generally call It Amritsar or the pool or the fount of Nectar. Christ often spoke of It as the Water of Life.
From a careful study of the scriptures, we learn that the Water of Life or the Nectar is nothing but the Word or Logos of Christ; Naam or Shabd of the saints; Kalma of the Muslims; and Nad of the Vedic Rishis.

Amrit is the True Naam (or Word),
But It cannot be described in words.
He who tastes of it by attuning with the Word is accepted at His Court.

Amrit is often used for Hari (God), Hari Kirtan (the Divine Song) and Maha Ras (exhilarating vintage). He alone gets out of desires who engages in the Word. Had is the fruit of the Tree of Life (Amrit-phal) and is a gift from God.
The scriptures tell us that what we call Amrit or the Water of Life is just the same thing as Naam or the Word. A touch with this divine vintage gives God-intoxication:

In this age of Kali Yuga, there is no other Wine but of Amrit.
God’s Naam is Amrit in the present Kali age,
This wealth one may get by devotion to a Sadhu.

Amrit is Sound Principle
Amrit is Divine Harmony, and is reverberating all the time everywhere. It is the Bread of Life (Manna or Heav-enly Food) on which the spirit feeds and thrives.

With the meeting of the Satguru, the ever-restless mind gets steady and one finds the tenth door, There the Melody divine—the Bread of Life—holds the universe light, Countless are the strains and endless, ever saturated in Truth, O Nanak! the contact thereto comes through a God-man alone, No more the wild goose chase, for Homeward one is led.

A disciplined soul makes one self-disciplined and contented he becomes, Absorption in the Master awakens the inner Music of the soul; By drinking the Nectar divine, one is contented and rises in His Presence, Listen ye to the great Music of the harp and taste It night and day, A rare soul alone understands It through the Master’s grace.


Amrit is Light Principle
The vision-center behind and between the two eyes, if and when directed steadily toward Gagan (inner horizon), gradually gets lighted up. It starts with flashes as from lightning and in course of time makes manifest a starry sky, and the Sun and the Moon come to view besides several other lighted scenes. When the spirit transcends all these and enters Trikuti, the headquarters of the subtle region, there she beholds the Sun of Brahmand and beyond Brahmand, the Moon of Par Brahmand Region. We come across frequent references to the higher spiritual phenomena in the writings of Sant Tulsi Sahib and many others.

Amrit: Its location
The divine ambrosia can be had by inversion and not anywhere in the world outside. One can find It only if one transcends into the spiritual regions above the physical body. A draught of the Water of Immortality is enough to grant life everlasting to the individual. In order to reach the Hauz-i-Kausar or the pool of nectar, one has to dig deep into the human self.

The Master manifests the Water of Life at the tenth gate, And listening to the Divine Music, one is led to stillness absolute. GURU RAM DAS

The nectar of Divine Harmony is in the human body, and whoever delves for It, gets It within. All outer activities on the plane of the senses, like pilgrimages, penances and fasts, rites and rituals, forms and formularies, are of no avail. In this Path, one has to lose himself before he can rediscover himself.

It means that one can have life eternal only when one learns and practices the art and science of death-in-life by rising above the body-consciousness at will. This is the only Way to get the Water of Immortality and there is none besides it.

Inside the head, there is an inverted well with an opening behind the eyes. A current of nectar issuing forth from the well is coming into the body; but the unfortunate spirit, ever busy in the outer pursuits of the world, is not destined to have a taste of It and so continues in sorrow.

Everything of any value is in the body and nothing is without. Whoever has, through the grace of the Master, found the treasures within, is indeed blessed and enjoys true happiness both within and without. He drinks the ambrosial showers as they fall and is ever in a state of blissful intoxication.

Everything is within and nothing without,
He who searches without is yet in ignorance.
He who finds it within himself through a Master-soul,
Ever lives in a state of bliss and beatitude.
The Amrit falls down in a big shower,
Night and day he lives in perfect satiety,
And sings the praises of God.
The aeons of separation come to an end,
And the blighted tree once again blossoms forth.
Gifted with right knowledge, he revels in Naam,
All hail to the Master! that brought this about.

The pool of nectar lies in the folds of the mind; it is only when the mind grows still that it becomes manifest. A contact with Naam grants eternal life. The mind must first be purged of all ills, before one can receive the life-giving ambrosia.

Who can taste this Nectar
From the writings of the Masters it appears that one cannot taste this nectar until one learns to die while alive. One has, therefore, to „forsake the flesh for the spirit“ for „flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.“

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself,
And take up his cross daily and follow me.
For whosoever will save his life shall lose it,
But whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.

We have been leading a physical existence only. We know how to live on the physical plane and that we do with the help of our physical senses. We have never known that there is anything beyond and that we have senses subtle and causal, apart from the physical, and can make use of them by transcending the physical plane. There are tremendous possibilities in man, fashioned as he is in the image of God, but alas! in the mighty swirl of mind and matter we have lost hold of the lifeline within and are drifting headlong in the stream of life with no anchorage. A Master-saint is the only refuge and a haven where one may for a while have a respite and time to think over his sad plight. And how does the Master help here ? He shows one how to leave the body by withdrawing the sensory currents at the seat of the soul. This transcension of the physical body is called „death-in-life.“ It is the Open Sesame that unlocks the door leading into the Kingdom of God.

Remember ye the Naam and love the Lord unceasingly,
Live in constant devotion to God’s elect.
Those who live-in-death, drink the Water of Life,
And their minds get absorbed through the instruction of the Master.


Spiritual Comfort is God’s free gift and not of our own merit. It comes only through the grace of some Godman. He is the „Way, the Truth, and the Life.“ The absorption in the Master alone helps one to gain the pool of nectar within and this is called a second birth or resurrection.


Amrit: How one gets It

(i) Through the Grace of God:

God’s Word is the Water of Life,
One gets It through His grace.
Remember God every moment of your life,
And make this your constant practice.

(ii) Through preordination. By one’s good deeds one may get Amrit within, if so ordained.

One with earned merit in the past ages may by preordination find Nectar within, Highly blessed is God’s Word; one may taste of It through the instructions of the Master. 55 GURU RAM DAS

(iii) Through devotion to Satguru. Amrit is all pervading in Its fullness, but we can hardly taste It on the plane of the senses.

Amrit is much sought after; even the gods and goddesses are in search of It, but one can partake of It only through the grace of the Master.

Amrit, which is sought after by Rishis, Munis and gods,
that I have found with the aid of the Master,
I have got Amrit through the Master’s grace
and Truth is now implanted within me.

One cannot by his own unaided efforts get to the Hauz-i-Kausar or the Fountain of Life. For this purpose we have of necessity to seek the aid of a living Master who has for himself found this Fountainhead and is competent to lead others to it.

(iv) By acceptance of Master’s Will and commandments.

O mind! lead a life acceptable to the Master,
For He shall lead thee to thy Native Home,
And grant thee the Water of Life to quench thy thirst,
And all comforts and blessings shall be thine.

The gift of elixir depends on the sweet Will and Pleasure of the Master, A rare soul may get It without much effort.

Amrit in Its fullness abides in a saint, and His glance of grace is enough to transform a person.

Satguru is the pool of nectar and a blessed soul dips into It,
And gets cleansed of the dirt of ages and communes with the pure Naam. GURU RAM DAS

Man comes into the world just to find the river of the Water of Life and this he can do through a Master-soul. But all orders and sects based on outer observances are a source of sorrow, duality and affliction, and one cannot reach the Fountain of Life through such practices. Without the Amrit of Naam, nothing is of any avail, and whoever gets entangled in them cannot find a way out.

The precious Water of Life for which you came into the world you can get from a Master-saint, Rise above all thoughts of distinctive labels of various religious and clerical orders, Cast aside all raiments and rituals as also all cunning and cleverness and mental oscillations,
These shall avail thee not on this Path.

Amrit: who can get It
Out of millions of devotees, only a rare one who sits at the feet of a living Master gets contact with the elixir of life.

A devotee of the Master engages in the pursuit,
And finds the Amrit and becomes truly blessed,
O Man! commune with the Naam day and night,
Thou shalt lose all impurities and become sanctified.

It is bubbling over in its fullness in the temple of the human body, but a man of the world cannot get access to it.

Amrit: Its merits
The merits of Amrit are countless indeed. A contact with It renders all other joys and pleasures insipid and makes one a true renunciate.

No longer does he hunger and thirst for things of the world, He sees Him as All-pervading, in the core of his heart; Dyed in the color of Amrit, he renounces all and revels in his Master and his teachings.

The Water of Life abides in each heart in Its richness. He who tastes of It knows Its exhilarating influence. Communion with the Power of God is union with God, and one becomes fearless even of death, the last enemy of man. Not only do they achieve freedom but many another along with them gets freed.

Amrit in Its fullness lies within,
Ye may relish It by an actual contact,
Thou hast cheated the whole world which is going round and round;
He who follows the Master derives the greatest benefit,
He who tastes of the true ambrosia is not molested by death;
Not only does he achieve freedom,
But many another he puts on the Path.

The wondrous gift of Amrit confers many supernatural powers on him who partakes of it, and grants peace and ecstasy. Through It one is rid of all pain and sorrow, doubt and skepticism, lusts and passions, and is freed from the most ancient malady of egotism; and all desires and cravings fall off like dry leaves as if by an enchanter driven. The mind too gets steady and rarefied. Ultimately one gains salvation and attains to the state of Sehaj, and is honored in the Presence of God.

From the teachings of the Masters, who laid great emphasis on communion with Him, it is clear that Amrit is nothing but Naam, Shabd or Word, and this Pool of Nectar lies within each one of us but becomes manifest only through a glance of grace from some true Saint who enables us to partake of It.
Amongst the Sikhs there is the practice of preparing „amrit“ with the help of a sword. By a careful study of the matter we realize that this too is in fact prepared with the help of Naam or Bani. The consciousness is first turned inward so as to contact the Inner Sound Principle, and then as it comes down saturated in the divine it is turned without, converting the preparation into an Amrit. It is only a competent Master (a true Khalsa with full refulgent light in him) who can, by his glance of grace, prepare the Amrit, and whoever partakes of It becomes truly intuned. A saint with eyes bubbling over with divine intoxication can in an instant take one to the mount of transfiguration and make him into a saint.

A glance of grace from a saint makes thee a saint.


One can drink of the divine Nectar through the grace of a Satguru, and truly blessed are they who get an access thereto: they rise into the light of Universal Consciousness and gain salvation from the endless wheel of births and deaths, and live in perpetual ecstasy enjoying His beatitude.